Monday, September 12, 2011

Hmmm, That's An Odd Sensation

The Forteo injections are good; today is injection #13.  Only 717 injections to go!  :)  Yesterday, I experienced one of the common side effects, pain in my thighs.  Have you ever had the flu and your body ached from deep within?  That's how this pain feels.  I spent a good part of the day yesterday in bed because sitting is painful.  This laying around stuff is for the birds.  My thighs are achy this morning and I decided that I'm not going to lay around and accept the pain.  Lizzie and I went for a short walk through the neighborhood after I worked out this morning.  Lizzie-Girl (one of our dogs) layed on my towel next to me while I did my exercises and yoga.  It was very sweet to have her company.  It is a beautiful cool and sunny morning.  I'm looking forward to the fall season.  It will soon be applesauce making time.  :)

Lizzie and Jeremy have been very helpful with my growing need for help.  This experience has humbled me as I'm not used to asking for help.  We have a new routine every night since I started taking Forteo.  At 9pm I get settled into bed and either Jeremy or Lizzie bring up the Forteo pen (which needs to be refrigerated) to me, I do my thing, and they bring it back downstairs and put back into frig. I've heard patients say they are able to avoid dizziness/nausea by doing the shot in bed at night.

Last night, I'm in bed, have my little needle and alcohol swabs ready, I'm in my jammies waiting patiently. I don't hear anyone coming. I wait a little longer, little longer... how could they forget me?  ;)  So I walk toward Lizzie's study and Jeremy's office which happen to be upstairs, just down the hall. I'm standing in the hall; look to my left and see Jeremy and look to my right and see Lizzie. I quietly asked, "Can someone bring me Forteo? Anyone? Anyone?" Lizzie laughs, "Mom, you are too cute!" She ran downstairs and brought it up.

It's really sweet how Lizzie wants to help with the injections and has learned how to do everything in the preparation of the shot except the actual injection (I prefer to do that myself). She does the swabbing of the Forteo pen tip and my injection site, attaches the needle, loads the medicine, removes needle caps (I inject and replace needle cap), then she removes capped needle and places in bio-hazard container.

I look forward to being "on the other side."  This is what patients refer to as being post-op.


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