Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Quick Update: Test Results

Recently had an EMG test done on my arms to see if Dr. Riew's prediction of the cause of my numb hands was accurate.  He was spot on as the results show ulnar neuropathy.  The ulnar nerve is being pinched in my elbows.  Thank God the issue isn't in the thoracic; no rib removal required!  :)  The treatment will be PT and splinting of my elbows.  I'm quite happy to know the source of the hand issue; especially that I don't need more surgery!

Some other updates, I tested positive for:
Jaw Jerk - I need to get clarification on this.

Hoffman's Sign -

Romberg's Test -'s_test
This means my balance issues now have a name.

I'm still waiting to get an EMG on my legs to see if, once again, Dr. Riew's prediction of the cause of numbness in my feet and right leg are being caused by a pinched nerve in my lumbar.

How strange that my neuro has yet to respond to Dr. Riew's report that shows none of her (neuro's) predictions that all my issues are directly tied to my cervical are accurate.

Looking forward to closing the chapter on all this stuff.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Saddle for Sale

Lizzie is raising funds for her trip as a US Delegate with the People to People program traveling to 7 countries next summer.

Below are pix of her English saddle which is in good condition with just a few scrapes on the back of the cantle. It measures 17" and comes with a fleece pad. Saddle is located near Atlanta. Shipping/insurance within continental US extra.  Email me if you are interested


Thursday, July 4, 2013

STL Updates

The last batch of tests showed no auto immune diseases and now both rheumatologist and neuro insist all issues stem from cervical condition. Well, that's not the case.

Dr. Riew is one of the best cervical doc's in the country which is why I came to STL to get his expert opinion.  Dr. Riew said that based on the numb areas I am experiencing, the source is either my elbows or a pinched nerve in my thoracic area. He said with a smile that I don't need cervical surgery because there is sufficient space around my spinal cord and the collapsing disc is not at the surgical stage right now. Praise God!  Doc explain that I have two tests to do at home which will determine which area is the source of the numbness. The elbow situation is like carpal tunnel but in the elbows. I need to get a copy of his report because I don't remember the technical terms he used. There is a slight chance I might need elbow surgery or, if the thoracic is the source, might need surgery to remove one rib.

Doc was shocked that the local cervical doc said I needed a four level fusion. It amazes me how one doctor can say something inaccurate and scare the bejezuz outta someone. I felt totally confident in what Dr. Riew told me. As far as the numbness in my leg and foot, I'll have a lumbar MRI to see if something is being pinched.  

I wonder what my neuro and rheumatologist will say when I explain to them their theories of all my issues are coming from my cervical are not valid.  I sense these two doc's were maybe looking for an easy explanation by blaming everything on the cervical. Dr. Riew asked me if my neuro was good. I told him I don't know; she's the only one I've seen. Sounds like I need to seek a new neuro.

In any event, I'm thrilled I don't need surgery and look forward to getting these tests done.