Friday, November 25, 2011

Making My List & Checking It Twice

All done with the central line and it feels odd.  The entire procedure lasted 10 minutes.  I was more nervous about the line than the surgery because I was awake during today's procedure.  I could have done without hearing the doctor telling the intern what to do; just wanted to be in my own little peaceful world.  

For those who are unfamiliar with the process, an IV was inserted into the back of my hand where a "happy cocktail" was injected to relax me and then contrast was injected.  I was laying under an x-ray machine so the doctor could see where the contrast traveled up my arm and in my clavicle area.  An incision was made, a catheter was inserted and then they stitched me up leaving two wire/tube thingies hanging out of the incision.  While I'm in the hospital, all my meds will be delivered into the line which minimizes the need for me to be stuck numerous times if I didn't have the line.

It is another beautiful, sunny day and the high will be near 60.  We plan to return to the specialty grocer and pick up a few items: cheeses, prosciutto, baguette, etc. Tomorrow is supposed to rain all day so we'll enjoy watching some movies.  Sunday is calling for snow and our plan is to go to the History Museum. 

While my To-Do list is dwindling down, Jeremy's list is ramping up.

Have any of you ventured out to the Black Friday madness?  Hope you got some great deals!



  1. Hey Tweet;

    Take it easy on my favorite Son in Law!!

    Love Ya Both


  2. Hi Missy Which cocktail was better. Probably depending on what you need it for.Leave to your mother to think of that. And also as Dad said take it easy on one of our sons.Love you both Mom