Wednesday, April 25, 2012

5 Months 1 Week Post Op Pix

I've been receiving kind words from people thanking me for being so candid with my blog.  I have some new pix to share and still feel a bit uncomfortable "exposing" myself, but I've been told the photos have been very helpful to those stepping into the surgery journey.

Here goes...

Pre op Nov 2011 Back

Post op Apr 2012 Back

 Pre op Nov 2011 This is what my tummy looked like when my spine collapsed 4 inches

Post op Apr 2012  This is what my tummy looks like when my spine was stretched out, re-gaining 4 inches

Lizzie says my tummy isn't squishy anymore.  LOL!

I had a couple of milestones the past few weeks:
Wore heels!
Painted my toenails, I've discovered how long my arms are!
Pulled on my boots and zipped them up without help!

Woo hoo!  :)


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