Thursday, September 27, 2012

Abundantly Overflowing!

It's been a whirlwind of a month with activities abundantly overflowing on our schedule.  Here are some highlights!

I had a PR (personal record) in the 5k race recently.  My speed improved to a finish time of 51:38!  The August 5k race finish time was 56:50 so I'm happy my training proved beneficial.  It was a beautiful morning that we shared with our friends.  Thanks for joining us!

 We upgraded from a pair... a pack!
We added Indi to our family as my early birthday gift.  Indi is now 12 weeks old and was born July 3, 2012.  Her official name is Declaration of Independence, aka Indi.  I've wanted a German Shepherd for a long time.  Ma always wanted a Yorkie but never got one.  The last time she mentioned wanting a Yorkie was about 1.5 years ago when she said, "I wish I had gotten a Yorkie."  I told her it wasn't too late to get one.  Ma never got her Yorkie, but that made me think about certain things in my life now that Ma is gone.  Why put off things on my Wish List?  I didn't want to find myself down the road regretting not getting a German Shepherd, hence the addition of Indi!

I've found that I'm able to squat down to clean up occasional puppy messes, get her leash on her, etc.  There was one incident I wasn't able to do anything.  It was chilly the other day and I wore exercise pants.  Indi must have thought I resembled a chew toy because she pounced on my leg and chomped on my ankle.  Obviously, I screamed as her teeth are razor sharp.  My scream startled Indi who let go of my ankle but my pant leg was stuck on her tooth as she was backing away from me.  My daughter was laughing hysterically because I couldn't bend over to get my pants out of Indi's mouth, but she managed to help me out and get my pants off Indi's tooth.  Glad I could be a source of entertainment for someone!  :)

In addition to racing and expanding our family, Lizzie, who is part of the Junior Olympic Archery program, has been busy with tournaments this month too.  She earned 1st place at the South Eastern 720 Part I tournament in the Bowman category.
Lizzie is third from the left, dark blue shirt
A much welcome cloud passed by
Lizzie at her target, third from left
Lizzie brings home the Gold!

Two weeks later, Lizzie earned 1st place in the Georgia State Tournament which makes her the 2012 Georgia State Champion in the Bowman category!  Pictures will be posted soon (still looking for the camera cable).  Lizzie's goal is to become a member of the Olympic Junior Dream Team in 2013.

And to round out the month of September, Lizzie was featured in the September issue of the WebMD magazine where she reviewed Michelle Obama's cookie recipe.  You can read the article here or pick up the magazine if you are in a doctor's office this month.

I've had quite a bit of muscle atrophy between my should blades despite doing PT exercises.  

Once I'm 1 year postop, I'll be released to do exercises on our weight machines.  There is a Postop Collage on my blog now (Aug 14, 2012 blog), just two more pix to post for October and November 2012 and then I'll be 1 year postop!  Wooo Hooo!  I still have a lot of numb areas across the middle of my back, upper left thigh, etc.  Praise God for a blessed recovery!

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  1. You are amazing! So happy to see all your accomplishments through out the year! Love Indi! So cute! Congrats to Lizzie!!! Please keep it!