Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Time To Detox

Every year I do a 2-3 day fast to clean out my system and detox from extra goodies eaten during the holidays. It's a time for me to focus more on God, thank Him for my blessings, and pray for continued good health for my loved ones and myself. Coming off our trip to Paris was the perfect time to do a fast.  While deciding how long my fast would last, I realized that I totally forgot to fast in 2012 because my focus was healing from the surgery.

I came down with a head cold and thought it best to do a 24 hour water fast. I'll never forget my first fast years ago, I thought I was going to die because I had a horrible headache. It was a painful experience because my body was full of toxins; all the crap I used to eat. Anyhoo, the fasts have become much easier, except for the final few hours of a 3 day fast. I've tried juice fasts but prefer sticking to water.

Half way through this year's fast I decided to break my habit of coffee in the morning because I didn't like the way my body felt if I forgot coffee first thing in the morning and an odd headache would set in. That was a sign my body was addicted to caffeine. As I was nearing the end of my fast, my cold worsened a bit which amplified my throbbing head. The cold held on for a few more days along with a splitting headache. Severals days after the end of my fast, I realized the remaining headache was linked to the lack of coffee in my system.  I stayed focus on breaking through the point where the headaches would disappear and they finally did almost two weeks after my fast ended.

Will I ever drink coffee again in the future?  I don't know, maybe, but my intent was stick it out until my body was free from the caffeine and to see what it feels like. I've always enjoyed tea and just plain hot water.  As I came off the fast, our family decided to eat Paleo style which is explained in the next blog.

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