Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Set Up

Shortly after we returned from Paris, I ordered my bow and was told it would arrive several weeks later because of the custom color I wanted. To my shock and the shop owner's surprise, it arrived less than 4 weeks later!

Super excited!
I'll be sure to keep my eyes open when actually shooting! :)

Here is the set up of my gear so far.

Bow:  Hoyt Matrix 30#-40#, but dropping it back to 25# for now, DL 28"
Arrow Rest: Limb Driver Pro V
Sight: Shibuya Ultimate CP 520 w/ scope and x4 lens
Release: Tru Ball Boss X

Next on my acquisition list:

Arrows: Easton A/C/C with 100 grain points
Quiver: Badlands
Case: SKB

Since we'll be busy with Lizzie's four tourneys, I won't have a chance for GRIV to set everything up onto my bow for a few weeks. In the mean time, I've been using my Morin trainer while holding my bow so I can start strengthening my bow arm. Below is a video using the Morin by itself and another video using the Morin with my bow.

Now that I've been holding my bow with the Morin, I have back spasms afterwards.  Waking up some sleeping muscles for sure!  I'm super jazzed to sling some arrows soon!

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