Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shedding Some Light

I am still waiting for the x3 MRI results and the leg EMG results. EMG doc confirmed no nerves are being pinched in my lumbar. This means I still don't know what the source is of my numb feet. Today I met with a foot doc who said my foot muscle is extremely tight and he is treating me as if I have plantar fasciitis over the next several weeks. He explained that if the symptoms do not improve (horrible pain in heel, feels like I'm walking on shards of glass), then the issue is an autoimmune disease. He confirmed that the numbness is a result of a global rheumatological issue that has yet to be pinpointed. Today's doc is the third doc that said I have some sort of autoimmune disease.

Not knowing the specific issue is frustrating as I am several months into my journey of trying to solve the puzzle. I'm very thankful to know certain things have been ruled out and that the scope is narrowing on the cause. Next steps are meet with Emory Rheumatology Clinic who know how to identify autoimmune diseases that frequently are not detected by blood tests.

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