Saturday, October 22, 2011

Missing Family Day of Fun

For those of you don't know about my daughter's business, today marks her 4th year appearing at the Taste of Atlanta event where she is judging this year instead of cooking.  I realized a couple of months ago, I would be in no condition to go with her because of my need to lay down every afternoon on a heating pad to try and relieve some of my back pain.  Taste of Atlanta is a super fun event for our family and I am a bit bummed I'm home alone this afternoon.  I'm confident Jeremy is taking some great shots of Lizzie at the event which I'll add to her website next week.

I talked with one of Dr. Lenke's patients who explained how she received her phone call with a cancellation opportunity to bump up her surgery date.  I was a bit surprised to learn that her new surgery date was 1 1/2 weeks away from the day she received the phone call.  I didn't realize dates could be moved up so quickly.  We reached out to our dear friends and explained the situation how I'm on a cancellation list and regardless of when the surgery occurs (Aug 1 or sooner), could they help us by having Lizzie stay with them during my surgery.  It was a HUGE relief to not only have them say yes, but to have a few plans in place now for when I need to go to St. Louis.

Rib pain is still at an elevated level this week, making sleeping and sitting a challenge.  It's not good to literally lay around all day long, but it hurts so bad to just sit because of ribs pressing into pelvis.  Oh well, I'll get through this.



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