Monday, December 5, 2011

Is that Really My Spine?!

Hi Everyone!

I had typed up a great legible post last night; however, something did not work correctly and I lost the entire thing.  Oh well.  He's my second try.

Here is my before and after x-rays of my back:

Dr. Lenke's nurse said my curves 70/68 degrees are now about 10 degrees!  What Wha??!!  Here are some shots of my rib hump"

Jeremy discovered an big bruise on my arm:
It doesn't hurt, just is a little creepy to look at.

My greatest pain coming from lack of bowel movements.  This may be my most unusual prayer request, but PRAY FOR POOP!  LOL!  Seriously, I have not gone in 7 days and nothing seems to help move things along.  Jeremy has some photos of my incision but I'm not ready to look at them just yet.  I will post later after.



  1. I am speechless!!! OMG - Dr Lenke really is a miracle worker!! When you feel better, I think you are going to feel better than you can imagine.

  2. Oh my gosh, those spine pictures are amazing!

    And, I have heard that pain meds can cause constipation, so hang in there. :) (I feel all gross saying that-- haha.)


  3. Wow!!!!What an improvement! Will be praying for POOP! I know how discomforting that can be. May God continue to give you and your sweet husband the strength each day! Thinking of you guys often!
    Tammy and family