Monday, April 22, 2013

Rethinking My Training Goals

Today starts week 2 of my training sprint and I'm quite shocked at my results from last week.  I forgot to mention in my last post that this sprint is not only archery training, but weight training too.  My weight increased last week to 25# so needless to say, the one day where I had both weight training and shooting, my arms were like noodles.  On that particular day, last Monday, I did AM blank bale immediately followed by weight training and then did PM shooting at 20m.  Today I have both weight training and shooting on my To Do list, but will instead shoot AM, PM and then weight train.  We'll see how I feel tonight.

OK, here is the recap of last week's results:
Goal: shoot x4 days a week at 20m - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
Goal: weight train x3 days a week - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
Goal: shoot x50 arrows per shooting day for a weekly total x200 arrows - FAR EXCEEDED GOAL!

On Monday I stopped shooting at exactly 25 arrows in the AM and PM for a total of 50 arrows shot.  Later that day, I thought about how good it felt to shoot and that I was a little disappointed that I stopped at 25 arrows each session.  Then I remembered what Coach Randi said, "... stop shooting when your form fails."  It was at that moment, I decided to rethink my goals: trust Coach Randi's advice and trust my body.

On Tuesday, I kept Coach Randi's words in my head and was able to shoot a few more arrows until my form failed.  I repeated the process the remaining x2 shooting days of the week:

Mon - x50
Tues - x60
Thu - x72
Sat - x102

My original goal for last week was a weekly total of 200.

Monday's 20m shots:

Saturday's 20m shots - 1st time all gold:

Saturday's 20m shots - 2nd time all gold:

My adjusted goals for this week are:
Shoot x4 days a week at 30m (blank bale in AM)
Shoot at least 72 arrows each shooting day for weekly total of 288
Weight train x3 days a week

I need to take video of me shooting, but cannot find my Flip video at the moment.  :/

Last Thursday I had a glorious massage which I believe attributed to my sudden increase in arrows shot.  The massage therapist said everything in my back was rock hard but that she was able to achieve some release.  It was an odd experience because my entire back is still numb, I could hear her hands on my shirt, but couldn't feel her hands.  When she found a tight spot she was trying to release, I would feel a bee sting sensation deep down in the muscle but then it dissipated.  Very strange.  After the massage, I felt incredibly relaxed and my neck pain was greatly alleviated.  Looking forward to this week's massage!  :)

The target has been moved to 30m for this week so I'm super-duper excited to see how my progress unfold.  Ideally, my plan is to train at 40m next week and then move to Kennesaw Archery Club for 50m training the week after.  I've got the Georgia Cup tournament on my radar which is the end of May.  I've got a few weeks before I have to commit to sending in registration.  The deciding factor will be, how am I shooting at 50m because that is the tourney distance I will need to hit.

Heel/ankle pain is increasing to the point where it is impacting the way I walk.  Balance issues are increasing too along with numbness in hands and feet and now seeing multiple black dots in right eye.  Appointment with neuro is this week.

Off to shoot!

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