Monday, April 1, 2013


Hit a new milestone this week of shooting x3 days in a row. Even though I only shot a total of x3 ends of 6 arrows each for each day, I was happy with the progress. I rec'd my arrows Wed and within 24 hours I was down x2 arrows and missing a 3rd. The first compromised arrow occurred at coach's house when the arrow hit the wood target frame. Coach did his best to remove the arrow, but after a hammer and chisel didn't work, it took a drill to get it out. The next compromised arrow occurred the next day at home shooting in my back yard. Ended up splitting an arrow already in the target when shooting another which caused the flying arrow to go missing in the yard. Fortunately, I was able to borrow coach's metal detector yesterday and found it.

We had a fun time at the local gun/archery shop. Hubby shot his rifle while I shot with our daughter and her friend. I had shot 5 ends when my string popped off again. Sigh. Back to Snellville this morning to have Griv fix my bow. First thing he said to me was, "I have never seen this before... we need to increase the DW." I can't afford to have my string pop anymore so now it is set at 31#. I'm able to pull it, but I definitely have my work cut out for me in regards to building more strength. On the drive home, I could feel the muscles in the side of my neck/trap area getting sore. I pushed through my scheduled workout today and am now physically wiped out. I forgot how easy my body fatigues. I had planned to go hiking with my family this afternoon, but felt it best to stay home and rest. I have not yet hiked since the surgery because I was restricted for a long time from walking on inclines/hills. Baby steps. I'm chillin at home with my x3 pups on the deck in the sunshine.

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