Monday, May 27, 2013

If I Had Told You... 6 Week Sprint Results

I've truly had a remarkable 6 week sprint that included many surprises.  So let's see which goals were hit, which ones were missed and lessons learned along the way.

Goal #1 - Shoot 75 arrows on shooting days, 288 arrows per week
Actual - Shot on average 88 arrows on shooting days, 328 arrows per week

Goal #2 - Shoot 6 days a week
Actual - Shot on average 4 days a week

Goal #3 - Shoot 50 arrows blank bale as warm up
Actual - Shot 30 arrows blank bale as warm up. 
Coach Randi recommended 30 as a good number until I work up to shooting a lot more arrows per day.

Goal #4 - Weight train x3 days a week @ 25#
Actual - Trained x3 days a week @ 30#

As you can see, the goal that I didn't quite hit was goal #2.  After the fall, I had to stop shooting for a few days until x-ray results came in, in addition to a few days of not being able to shoot because I simply had too many errands to do.

When I started shooting with my bow in Feb, I told myself that my first tourney would probably be in December 2013 so I could give myself sufficient time to build strength and muscle over the year.  So, the MOST EXCITING update was after learning all x-rays did not show fractures, I thought long and hard about the Georgia Cup tourney on May 25 & 26, 2013.  I didn't want to fall into the "getting ready to get ready" mindset where people actually don't take action on their goals.  What better way to close out the last week of my sprint than by competing!!!!

It was a glorious weekend, perfect weather and even had a flock of geese do a morning fly-by over the field each morning.  The Georgia Cup was a two day event that concluded with Olympic Rounds on Sunday: short, fast rounds, head-to-head, winner advances to next bracket.  Practice began at 8a and the competition started at 9a.  I was so nervous with excitement that it was a bit comical how my bow arm was shaking.  I thought we would wrap up day #1 about 12p and was feeling really good after shooting 72 arrows which I thought was the total amount needed to shoot on Saturday.

Well, let me tell ya, I was more than shocked when I found out that the total amount of arrows needed to shoot on Saturday was 144, not 72!!!!  Slight miscalculation, eh?  The tourney was only half way done at 1p.  What wha??!!  I'd never shot that many arrows on one day before so I immediately turned my concern over to God and asked for Him to keep me strong and healthy and to keep my groupings tight.  Well, not all of my groupings were tight, but the important part of my prayer was answered (stay strong and healthy).   I immediately set a goal of finishing Saturday with a score of 1,000 (a perfect score is 1,440).  I came close to hitting the goal at a score of 951.    :)    We finished shooting at 4p on Saturday.  I shot a total of 156 arrows (including x2 practice ends) for over 7 hours with one 30 minute break!!!

When we arrived on Sunday, for a split second I thought I wouldn't make it past the first elimination round.  Again, I submitted to Him and asked for strength and good health and that whenever my time was done on the field, so be it.  Again, I was totally shocked when I won the first elimination round!  Advancing to the next bracket, I was paired with Griv (who happens to be a pro shooter and our buddy where Lizzie and I bought our bows).  Although I didn't win, it was really fun shooting next to him.  :)   I told Coach Jim that I was amazed that I survived the tourney.  He explained that full FITA (this was the type of competition) tourneys are normally split up between two days, so the 144 arrows are shot 72 on day 1 and 72 on day 2.  I didn't realize I had just finished a full FITA and that is when Coach said, "If I had told you it was a full FITA, you would have talked yourself out of it."  I smiled and said, "You're a smart coach!"

1st elimination round

2nd elimination round with Griv

We headed home at 11a and had a celebratory lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant that included a most tasty margarita!  Later that afternoon, Griv sent me a message saying that I received an award and that Coach Jim brought it home for me which I'll pick up from him in a few days.  Turns out I took 2nd place female compound division.  Not only did I place in my first tourney, I placed in an able bodied tourney too!  Not all tourneys have para-archer divisions.  There were two other para-archers competing this weekend shooting recurve bows: Paralympian Lee Ford-Faherty and Kinga Kiss.

When I started my sprint 6 weeks ago, I had no intentions of competing, but I'm very thankful plans shifted and unfolded in a different way.

Next goal: need to decide pretty quick if I want to compete at the Easton Nationals in Ohio with Lizzie.  I'll need to shoot at two new distances, 60m and 70m.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me on this journey!  The tourney directors and judges were incredibly kind and helpful: Mechell Pruitte, Kenny Compton and Kenny Withrow.  Big thanks to my agents who helped me pull arrows and helped me score: Jim Pruitte and Scott. Coach Jim, yer da best!  My loving team Bionica: Jeremy and Lizzie, everyone else!

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