Friday, May 10, 2013

Week #3 & Week #4 Updates


Things were going great during week #3:
Mon shot 84 arrows, weight training
Tues shot 84 arrows
Wed shot 120 arrows, weight training

After Wednesday night's fall, I spent Thursday and Friday at different doctor's offices getting x-rays and MRIs.  I was quite sore until Tuesday of week #4 and ended up taking several unplanned days off from training.  :(

Docs found no fractures in knee, hip, shoulder or spine, thank God!  Since the fall, my right foot feels like it is buried in sand and there is pain radiating from my lumbar into my gluteus maximus.  Dr. Lenke (spine doc) wants me on steroids for 6 days to reduce the inflammation caused by the fall.

Other updates include my neuro not find any lesions in my brain - no MS!  :)  She did see that my neck has deteriorated more since the last MRI in 2010, but nothing is pinching the spinal cord.  I'm waiting to get the 2010 and 2013 reports to see which disc(s) are the problem.  I have a few more tests with her before she can make a diagnosis.

Yesterday, I saw the RA doc and she said while she sees slight inflammation in my right hand, she wants me on arthritis meds for 3 weeks and she'll do another ultrasound on the sore joints. If the meds don't help me and if she sees more inflammation, she'll treat me as RA patient.

I started training again this week:
Wed shot 84 arrows
Thu shot 90 arrows
Fri weight trained

I have a shooting stool now and shot with it yesterday.  It is SO comfortable!  I'll take the weekend off from training and am excited to get back on track Monday.

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