Saturday, May 4, 2013

Week 2 Recap

It was a busy week last week as I closed out Week #2 of my sprint.  Last week's results:

1.  Shoot x4 days a week at 30m (blank bale in AM) - DONE
2.  Shoot at least 72 arrows each shooting day for weekly total of 
     288 - DONE AND THEN SOME!
3.  Weight train x3 days a week - DONE

I actually shot an extra day last week because I was feeling really good.

Mon - 102
Tues - 112
Thu -    72
Fri -    124
Sat -     85

My original goal for last week was a weekly total of 288 arrows.

Coach Jim had me shoot 50m last week and I was so tickled I actually hit the target!  Hubby was such a sweetie; extended my shooting lane to 50m by clearing out more trees. :)

Last week's 30m shot:

I hate when this happens!  Let's just say, arrows and trees are not a good mix:

It is still a challenge to make my scapula move since my back is numb.  Anyone have advise on how to make a numb body part move?  I'm working on lowering my elbow and slowing down my shot.  Another challenge I have is, if I hold a shot too long, my bow arm starts to fatigue.  I'm sure this will improve over time as I gain strength.

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