Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's Official

UPDATE 3-20-13:  Seems there was a little faux pas on my results because Dr. Nyland contacted me today and said I am classified as an AR Standing Para archer to compete in the Open Division (compound).  :D

ORIGINAL POST 3-19-13:  I'm not disabled enough to make the cut as a classified para archer.  What exactly does this mean?  The process of getting classified for archery means having an exam with Dr. John Nyland in Louisville, KY who is the only classifying doctor in the US.  He explained that in an archery exam, the minimum points an archer must reach for 2013 is 15 points which translates to a loss of strength or range of movement.  The main focus for the archery exam is the arms and legs with little focus paid to the core/trunk area.  I had to do many different exercises that were quite painful.  I asked Dr. Nyland if his room was a torture chamber.  So while I have zero strength/mobility in my core, my arm and leg strength was good which resulted in me not hitting the 15 point requirement.  Had I been classifying for a different sport that has a primary focus on core strength/mobility, I would have been in like Flynn, but that's ok.

Dr. Nyland said that even if I hit the 15 points this year, that there is no way I could get re-classified next year when the point system changes to a minimum of 24 points.  The change is a result of the Russian Men's Standing Paralympic team who apparently fudged their disabilities at the 2012 London Games and shot great... too great.  This raised red flags with World Archery who will implement the new point system in 2014.  Dr. Nyland said that it is getting to the point that if an archer isn't missing a limb, they won't get classified.

How does that impact my long term goals?  Well, I am disappointed I won't be able to make it to the Paralympics, but that just means I need to focus on another target.  ;)  While I still have my disability, Dr. Nyland needs the committee to advise exactly what type of archer am I:
Able-bodied Archer
Disabled Archer
Para Archer without Classification

As an able-bodied archer, I'm unable to pull my arrows nor am I able to bend/lean to look around arrows when scoring.  I'll get this all figured out.

The reason we were in Louisville was for the NFAA Indoor Nationals where Lizzie shot.  This was a BIG event with over 1,400 youth shooters and I don't know how many adult and pro shooters.  It was a fun weekend; it even snowed!  I'm looking forward to shooting with her at Louisville next year.

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